Motherboard problem

Hello dear
Here in my country I didn’t fine dealership, then someone who he is fixing board tied three batteries together with 3.7v and 14,400 mah output when I plugged in the batteries after 5 minutes of working I smelled burned stuff the emlid reach rs went off, quickly unplugged the batteries

Hi Hoshiar,

Please note that we don’t support disassembling our units and using additional hardware components with them. Such actions void the warranty as we can’t predict whether the unit is operational after the procedure.

If you have any issues with our devices, please, contact us first. Most of the issues can be troubleshot remotely. This ensures that you don’t do something not recommended.

At this stage, it’s difficult to understand what was the issue with your unit. After the device has been disassembled and connected to external components, we can’t be of much help with how to revive it.

Does your company sale motherboard if yes pls let me know, then i can save some money instead of buying a unit

Hi Hoshiar,

We don’t sell the spare parts for the units. As I’ve mentioned, it’s important to contact us here on the forum or via if you’re having any issues with our units. This way, we can understand the causes of them and check how we can help you. Most of the difficulties can be resolved during the remote troubleshooting process.