Monument Search Workflow

Hello everyone. I’m brand new to Emlid and have what I hope will be an easy question to answer. Here is my situation:

As a personal project, I want to search for a section corner near me that has been lost to time- 118 years’ worth of time in fact. Using a record map, I have calculated three points with record distances on assumed coordinates along the section line; two of which I’m sure I can recover, and the third being the monument I’m looking for. I have imported these points into Emlid Flow, and of course being assumed coordinates, these points cannot be staked out.

My question is this: How do I tie in the two monuments I am going to use to search for the section corner if I cannot stake out the points in the app? Can I assign coordinates to the monuments, or get them onto a known coordinate system when observing them, and upon doing so will the result be that I can then run out the calculated record distance to the section corner that is stored as a previously calculated point? I hope that makes sense.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi Nick,

Welcome to the community forum!

Are those coordinates defined by some coordinate system? Can you please elaborate on how you calculated them?