Monitoring Dam Walls


I want to set up a series of RS2s to monitor movement of dam walls

My thoughts are:

Set up a permanent Base receiver with a known position and broadcast corrections to other (fixed) receivers over Lora.
The fixed receivers will then continually log the fixed positions (Log file to stop every 24 hours)
and once a day or when client requires the Receivers will be accessed via 3g to download the log files for processing
Once downloaded existing log files deleted and logging recommences.

So my questions are:

  1. Can the fixed receivers be set up to automatically download the log files over 3g to the client computer at a user defined interval

  2. Can a static ip address be set for each RS2 so that the client can manually access the log files for downloading and deleting

Hope this makes sense

I think you will need something similar to a caster software. Similar to a CORS station data transmitter. You could set up the RS2 to log files for 1,2,4 etc hours intervals and save this via serial to a PC (?). You could then access the PC over the internet. A bit complicated for me but this was part of a series of paper presentation
I attended in a surveying seminar.

Yes thanks for that.

Has anyone set an rs2 to have a static iP address via 3g so the Rs2 can be accessed remotely to download log files?

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Keen to hear the answers too.
Hope you can use them for your project

For static ip remote access is easy just pricy.

Get yourself a cellular modem that has some routing and port forwarding capabilities, or a “transparent connection” setting. Also wifi hotspot.

On the expensive end the microhard ipn4gii is ideal because of its firewall. The firewall prevents running up an unwanted data bill.

On the cheap end anything from china with the same specs would do.

Connect the reach to the hotspot of the modem.

Make sure you have the right apn entered for your providers static network.

Enter the ip of the card in your browser and you are in.

You could also use long distance ubiquiti wifi gear to talk to each reach. Concentrate them to a vpn router connected to the static ip modem. Then you only have to pay for one card.

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Thanks for that. I’ll look into this further

I support the idea of @PotatoFarmer
Personally I’m (almost) always choosing openWRT-compatible routers. Being able to add small customisations is big advantage.
In your case that could be:

  • add flash storage to router/gateway for longer term and centralized access.
  • add cron jobs to pull logs from RS2 to central storage (I don’t think RS2 can push out the logs by itself - the gateway could also collect outputs realtime, but then the local network becomes more critical)
  • you can add do RS2-uptime/alive monitoring from the gateway
  • you could add a dynamic-dns-client to avoid the need for a static ip

And my favorite: with openWRT you can keep your configuration while migrating to new hardware (even other brands, given openWRT and the required features are supported)

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Do the RS2 have any settings for DDNS service? If so, that would be another option other than a fixed IP.

No they don’t. Would be nice, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to leave these devices exposed on the internet without additional protection. It’s a GNSS receiver, it’s not designed to be the most secure IoT-device.
in older firmware you could add similar functionality by adding a phone-home cron job, but that’s not possible anymore. Anyways, as I said, I wouldn’t trust it in the combination ‘unattended’ and ‘in the open’.
I even don’t know if the reachview-app is reachable on the mobile-data interface (never tested/checked), but personally I’ld prefer not to have anything exposed on the mobile-data side. In most use-cases the wifi-side would be more ‘trusted’ than the cellular side.

Hi Noel,

We don’t have a ready solution for that. However, if you’re experienced in Linux, you can ssh into Reach and use rsync to get the data remotely.

Can a static ip address be set for each RS2 so that the client can manually access the log files for downloading and deleting

I’m afraid there is no way to set a static IP-address for Reach in a Wi-Fi network with the ReachView. However, I believe you can assign a static IP for a SIM card with your cellular network operator.

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