Mock location directly from ReachView in Android

Can ReachView app directly provide mock location to Android without needing to use another app such as Lefebure NTRIP Client app as bridge?

It will be very useful if this can be done as it has made confusion for beginner users.

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Great idea!

Could you explain what you mean by a mock location? I am not familiar, but it may be similar to how we setup our control networks.

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Thank you Sir. I’ll see if I have a million questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, I get it now. Doesn’t look like anything I will ever use since I never use services. We setup our bases in an arbitrary coordinate that resembles something close to where you set it and then localize to each control point. Horizontal and vertical use is not used, just a measurement from base to rover. When you get four control points you are locked. You can add more if you like, but there’s no sense as long as you have surrounded the subject property. Seems like there is a whole lot of scenarios in this forum that localization would remove if you have a base and rover.

It just lets your Android device take advantage of the precise location of your Emlid Reach instead of the built in gps.

I.e. GoogleMaps will now show your exact precise location within centimeters versus within meters or more.
Same with other apps (that involve location of course) you use.


Yeah, my thoughts is just that. A way to replace your device position with a different one.
In the beginning many apps had greate features like UTM, COGO etc, but Reachview is catching up.
And in the end or along the way (i hope) Reachview has what you need without fooling around with your internal phones GPS.
Just use Reachview app and be happy with it. All tools in one app and one receiver.


Gotcha, that’s pretty cool. Can you already do it on iOS or did you just Android because that’s what you use?

I am an Android / PC guy for life so not sure if iOS has a system setting for mock location… so assume any apps for iOS would have to implement it some way… which is what @l3technologycambodia is suggesting here for ReachView…so no monkey business or jumping through hoops.

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Understood. I am the same way with the exception that allot of the apps that we use in construction are just plain better with the iPad because that is their primary development platform. If I could use my Android tablet I would, but I typically get the “It’s coming” when I have a problem. DroneDeploy is one of these apps and just works solid on iOS. Honestly it and Plangrid are the only two apps I use on the iPad. I still use my Galaxy tablet more. :wink:

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Hi @l3technologycambodia,

As far as I know, some apps such as Mapit GIS don’t need Lefebure NTRIP Client for mock location.
You can click on the Mock location app field in the Developer Options to check which apps support the feature.


I know a few apps that can just ingest the bluetooth NMEA stream, no mock location needed (ArcGIS Collector).

But can this just be implemented into ReachView for even more simplicity?

I think @tatiana.andreeva is saying it already is but I may be wrong…

Hi @timd1971,

ReachView software runs on Reach device, not on an Android phone/tablet. ReachView app that is installed on an Android device just allows getting access to that.

When you want to configure mock location, you need to pair Reach with your Android device, and then enable position output over BT - these are configurations from Reach side.

All further settings are Android related, so we barely can implement them in the ReachView.


To EMLID: Please, simply add “Mock Location” option to ReachView.
It will make my life much easier (and not only mine I think).


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