Mobile Topographer GIS

Has anyone else tested the new app from Applicality? I ran through it now and seems suspiciously similar to the old MTP. And you still have to pay even more for it. The coordinate systems available are exactly as before (very limited number of them supported)

Even the GPS handling is not up to scratch. I wonder when these companies will start listening to their target markets instead of pumping out this junk for super high prices? I mean, is a surveyor ever going to generate contours in the field? Why would you need that?! On the other hand, maybe there is a market out there for this that I’m not considering.

Come on Emlid, show them how its done! (in 2018!)

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I can’t find their Mobile Topographer app. Is it iOS or android.

All I can find is their Coordinate Converter app for iOS.

I saw their tweet first then grabbed it from the Google Play Store. Not sure about iOS


I work with this program with Reach RS to fundamentally rethink … awesome. It works wonderfully and is very intuitive … You have to lose a little time with the manual but once you have learned the basics, the connection with the Reach RS is very comfortable …

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