Mobile network prob

Im using 3 RS3 and 1 RS2 in Bangladesh.

I got a big inconvenience when I first bought these devices.

In our country a very popular GSM network provider name is Grameenphone whitch is a Telenor sister concern in Bangladesh.

Grameenphone provide 2G 3G 4G SIM connections.

My new EMLID divice is not working with the Grameenphone SIM.

Then I tried another network provider named AIRTEL whitch worked.

What is the problem with the other popular gsm network that isn’t working?

Hi @geosense21

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Since the other SIM card works with the Reach device, I don’t think there is an issue with your settings in the Emlid Flow.

  • Is the SIM card data-only, or does it also support voice calls?
  • Have you tried entering APNs? You can check what APN settings should be with your network carrier.
  • Do I understand correctly that Grameenphone doesn’t work with any Reach devices?

I’ve tried apn settings tweaking and tried several sim card of that gsm career. Then I realised that this particular sim network isnt working with EMLID.

strange and mistirous !

If you tried this SIM card with different Reach devices, it does look like it’s not an issue with a particular Reach.

Reach receivers work well with different types of SIM cards. Usually, such cases are resolved by charging the SIM card settings or configuration. We haven’t tested this particular SIM card operator, but it could be the data-only SIM card. In such cases, some of our users could connect to such SIM cards after mimicking a voice plan with a provider or switching to the voice plan.

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