Mobile data

I’ve been using RS2 with first RV2 and then RV3Beta for a while.
I have 2 RS2 units, one is my primary GNSS, the other was bought for another user, but hasn’t been handed over yet. When I switch on mobile data on my RS2 it shares mobile data through the hotspot (mobile data switches off after rebooting). On the other unit I’m not able to turn on mobile data at all.

Both units are running v2.23.8 Dev. I’ve flashed unit 2 back to 2.22.6, but that hasn’t solved the problem.

Any suggestions?

Hi @mtc,

Please clarify the provider of the SIM-card you use. Does this SIM-card support GSM and 3G? Do you test the same SIM-card with both your units?

Also, if possible, please share the Full system report with me. It contains the built-in 3.5G-modem logs so that it might be of great help. You can download the report in the ReachView Settings tab.

You can send it on since it might contain some sensitive information.

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