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i want to use special M2M (maschine to maschine) sim cards.

This M2M Network is a closed network with static IPs for each node/sim.

I need to setup:

  • Sim pin
  • APN
  • Username
  • password
  • Authentificaton method

How can i setup this settings in my new RS2?

I just find a field for the APN in the Mobile data menu.

Hi David,

At the moment, Reach RS2 doesn’t support M2M SIM cards.

As an alternative, I can recommend trying to configure this SIM card to not use the password, username, and authentification method. I believe it should just work as a usual SIM card in this case.

okay thank you.

Is this a point in the Roadmap?
I need this M2M support for our infrastucture.

At the moment i can bride the connection over a wifi router. but this no a nice solution.

maybe allow to enter special AT commands with a comand line

Hi David,

We’ll consider adding this feature, however, at the moment, I can’t provide you with any certain info on this question.

Could you please tell a little more about your project?

Hi David,

Could you please answer a few more questions so we can consider what we can do from our side?

  1. What do you mean on the authentication method? Which settings should be counted to fulfill this requirement?
  2. May I ask you to describe your use-case in more details?


we use M2M simcards to work in local network. for security reason, and it is easy to manage the connections. its like in a local network. Each sim has a static ip in this network. so its very easy to send data from one device to another device. Maybe NTRIP data via TCP from base to rover.

this sim cards needs a separate login for the network carrier:
so we have to enter a username, password and the method of the login/authentification. This should be PAP or CHAP.

Normal simcards use a default login dato or the logindata are stored an the cards itself.

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Hi David,

Thanks a lot for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

at all common modems it possible to set this parameter with some AT commands.

AT+CGAUTH sould be the right one to setup authentication parameters such as user name, password and authentication protocol(PAP or CHAP)

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Hello. We have the same need!
We want to access to the EMLID remotely and there is no WiFi access in the area and we cannot let a tablet on site. We would like to do permanent monitoring, that means the GNSS should remain in a area for a long time in logging mode.
We need to remotly download the data.
Unfortunately, it is at this time not possible to specify a FTP output.
So we expected to download the data per STFP once per day (for example). That is currently impossible, because (in Switzerland at least), APN with Corporate access (public IP) are password-protected.

The ModemManager library supports APN authentication (, but it seems that, unfortunately, ReachView does not support this feature.
Until now I could not find a configuration file or somewhere to edit this parameter manually.
Any idea?

I also mention that a logfile push (FTP or other) through 3G would be great.

Best regards and thanks

Hi @geoguichet,

Thank you for the request!

We’re looking into the possibility to add this feature. However, at the moment, I can’t provide you with any certain information on this question.

Thanks for the reply.
The two options (APN with user/password as in all 3G/LTE/4G routers) and some log sync (FTP, rsync+cronjob, email or other) would be great :slight_smile:

(But if the first issue is solved, it’s then possible to use sftp or rsync on the remote computer/server and no more sync tool is needed on the RS2)

Best regards

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Hey there,

I wanted to let you know that we’ve released the Reach Firmware 27 Beta 1 with the support of M2M SIM cards. Feel free to update your Reach to this version and test this out! You may create a new thread and share your results with us. It’d be great to hear about your experience.