MissionPlanner joystick setup not saving

MissionPlanner is driving me nuts. I try to setup my gamepad to control my rover over wifi, but MissionPlanner only saves the button settings not the axes. It always reverts to the default Ardurover config, which it seems to read from the “joystickaxisArduRover.xml”. I tried to edit this file directly, but then the joystick setup in MissionPlanner is completly broken, showing “None” for every axis and -1 for the buttons. I can redo the button setup, but the axis setup is not working anymore, always reverting to “None”.
Anybody ever suceeded in doing a custom setup?

Currently an open issue on Github.

It is working now somehow. I renamed the joystickaxisArdurover.xml to .bak to see what that will do to the joystick setup and if MissionPlanner would write a new settings file. Joystick setup did not work and no new file was written. I then updated MissionPlanner to the newest beta and suddenly it worked. It is still a little bit sketchy, because autodetecting the buttons, detects the button press, but the assigned function is not working afterwards. Only manual selection of the same button and sometimes reselecting the function makes it work.

That’s good to hear. I would have guessed someone would have resolved the issue in the Beta. Hopefully not long until the next release version.