Missing Triggers in Hot Shoe


I noticed on several flights lately that the hot show connection to the M+ does not record all events. I then connected the hot shoe feedback both to the M+ and to the pixhawk. Indeed, I saw all CAM events on the pixhawk but I had missing events on the M+ as in the below where orange dots are hot show events from pixhawk log and white circles are M+


I didn’t see relevant recent posts on this subject. Is there some buffer that gets filled? Everything appears to work fine but I simply miss triggers.

Can anyone point to a relevant discussion possibly?


Hi there,

Please make sure you use one of the following configurations recommended in our docs.

The events indeed may be missing if you use other configurations.

I used GPS+GLONASS+GLILEO only at 5Hz so thought it was ok. there is no specific config for it. But I guess 1Hz in this case is better…

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