Missing photography events with Reach M+ module


I use a multicopter for Photogrammetry with an Emlid Edge Flight Controller, in it an Emlid M + Rover module and a Reach RS ground station. Both with the newest firmware, the problem was also with previous firmare.
As flight controller, i´m using an EMLID Edge sytem.
Configuration as PPK.

I alternately use the Sony A6000 or Sony R7 camera with the hot shoe adapter on the M + module.

Unfortunately, I have to find out every time that after processing the UBX rovers and basic data with RTK Lib or EMLID Studio, trigger points are missing.

See red markings in the screenshots.

In Mission Planner there are 72 shots, also really 72 photos was maded, in EMLID Studio only 68.
You can also see gaps in the tracks and not a regular distance.

I have noticed this on all missions so far, regardless of which of the two Sony cameras I use.

What can that be?

I urgently need your help, thanks in advance!

with best wishes!

Can you show some close-ups of your hardware setup?

Hi Alfred,

I didn’t notice straight away that we’re already in touch with you regarding this issue in the direct support ticket :slightly_smiling_face:. We can proceed with the troubleshooting here as it may be helpful for others as well.

Please share the UBX file from Reach M+. The one that was recorded when the autopilot did 72 shots. I want to analyze it myself.

thank you for your answer. Which settings you mean exactly?
Screenshots from the reach view setting or photos from my copter?

Hi Alfred,

I’ve received the UBX log from you. I’m currently checking it.

I believe Christian meant the photos of your copter. It can be helpful for troubleshooting, so please share them with us.

Also, please share the screenshot of the GNSS settings page for your Reach M+. I need to check what parameters are set for the receiver.

indeed I did, yep.

Hi Christian,
here are the pictures and settings from my copter and my integrated Reach M+ module


Hi Alfred,

Thanks for sharing the screenshots and the setup photos!

I see that you use GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + SBAS at a 5 Hz update rate. However, we have another GNSS selection as our recommendation for the correct time mark logging on Reach M+. You can select GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + SBAS + QZSS at 1 Hz, for example. The other options are described in this part of the guide.

Please, change the GNSS selection and test it out. Let me know how it works for you.

Thank you, i will change the settings and i will inform you.
Another question:
In your setting guides exists the right settings for RTK configuration.
Can you provide the right setting for PPK method?

Thank you very much!

Hi Alfred,

I’ll be waiting for the results, thanks!

That guide I’ve shared is for the PPK mapping method. So, it just shows the proper GNSS settings for your case. If you need the RTK mode settings, you can check them in the Base and rover setup guide.

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