Missing parameters QGC and Navio 2

Hello and thank you for reading.

After upgrading qgroundcontrol to 3.4 I have parameters that are not loading properly.

Any ideas?

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This is with Edge qgroundcontrol.

The i get the same result over UDP as well as SIK radios

Hi Barry,

PSC_ACCZ_* parameters are new parameters from ArduPilot 3.6 not stable version.

In the meantime, please use the previous version of QGC. You also can download ArduPilot 3.6 binary file or build it from sources.

This does it make sense. Why would these parameters not be read by version 3.4 of Qgc but they are read by older versions of qgc

How come features from unstable ardcuopter features are making their way into the Emlid-customised QGC builds?

Emlid customised QGC is for Edge use only.

Navio2 use common QGC version.

I had a flight today with my Navio2 (Arducopter 3.5.7) and the latest (not Beta) Android QGC with no parameters download error.

I still have random log errors, could be related to poor SD-card quality.


Sorry, I misread the thread and assumed it was talking about Edge. However, I get the same “Missing Parameters” error on my Edge and QGC (Edge version), hence my question still stands.

Hi @kyle_irys,

After there will be stable ardurover release, we’ll update Navio2 and Edge images.

Can I ask you to post the screenshot with the error? Edge QGC version can’t include PSC_ACCZ_* parameters as it’s based on previous stable release.

Tatiana. The photo I sent you with the correct parameters is with edge QGC

Tatiana. Has this been sorted out yet ?

Hi @Barry_Bolton,

We’ll update images after ardupilote stable release.

There can’t be this error in QGC for Edge. With Navio2, please currently use previous QGC version.

How do we download the previous version on my Tablet ?


Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this question. I’d recommend to search it over the Internet, hope you’ll find the previous version to download.

You also can use ArduPilot 3.6 binary file as it contains these parameters.

How far is Emlid with actually updating the image. Or can i just update via emlidtool?


Hi Barry,

The stable ArduPilot version was released three days ago. We’ll update the image within the next 2 weeks.

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