Missing logs

I see bak in May a post about logs going missing between sessions but it’s been closed with no update. I’ve lost few UBX logs last week out in the field. In Reachview I stop recording and wait for the file to compress. Upon rebooting with a battery swap, the log is gone. Had to use Mission planner’s log files to geotag, far from accurate lol!

Hi Shaun,

We’ve fixed some issues that could lead to the log disappearance with the 26.2 firmware version. If your Reach’s firmware is below that, please update it to the latest 27.1 version.

If you work with the Reach Panel app (previously known as ReachView), I’d recommend using the newer ReachView 3 instead. To exclude any issues with the Reach Panel interface, please check if you can see the logs in ReachView 3.

With the newest firmware and ReachView 3, you shouldn’t face the same difficulties again. If the issue repeats, please send a Full System report to me via support@emlid.com. It’s better not to post it publicly as it can contain sensitive info.

Hi Shaun,

Please give me a shout if you test it with the latest firmware and ReachView 3.

Will do!

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