Missing log / corrupt file

(Magda) #1

Hi there, I was collecting observation for a couple of hours but my log file is missing in reachview app (observation from 29 August 2018 13:49). I’m sure after turning OFF logging there was a UBX file but after disconnecting and connecting again this file was gone. It happened to me a few times already.

I connected to the file system via SSH (FileZilla) and the missing file was actually there and stored as a ZIP.
I downloaded it and tried to unzip but I got error unzipping (see attachment).

I’ve got 2 question:

  • is there any option to extract this ZIP file and got observation file?
  • how can I get rid of this issue?


My ReachView version. v.2.14.0
System report: SystemReport.zip (175.9 KB)

(Timd1971) #2

I think there is a topic like this within a month or so here? Maybe try a quick search to see about it?

(Magda) #3

Thanks for reply, I’ve done my research but I didn’t find a solution and topics are already closed.


(Andrew Yushkevich) #5

Here’s a short Ubuntu guide on how to get logs from the device in the same situation.

  1. SSH to the Reach and go to the “logs” folder
  2. Copy .zip archive on your PC
  3. Install fastjar with sudo apt-get install fastjar
  4. Use jar xvf your-corrupted-archieve.zip command
  5. Extracted file will be in the same directory as .zip.

As it’s not and an ordinary issue, in order to prevent it in the future, I’d recommend to use turn off button in ReachView app. Also, there’s no need in using toggle button in the logging tab, logs will automatically save when you turn off the device.

Thanks, @Magda_Chmielewska, for the help with the troubleshooting.


We too have had log file missing from 3 out of 6 flights in the last two days. This has also happen sporadically over the last few months. We have flown multiple reach base aircraft for the last 18 mounts, and we have never needed to shut the reach down, we simply disconnected the flight battery and there was never any issues with logs.

(Christian Grüner) #8

What firmware are you on?


My apologies for not including that. I will need to double check with the field crew as the aircraft is deployed in remote Western Australia, but it will likely be Reachview 2.16.0. as I updated both aircraft approximately 3 weeks ago.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #11

Hi @Stu74,

Can you answer the following questions, please?

How long was your log?

Do you have any chance to ssh your device?
In that case, we’ll try to check if your logs still on the device.

Did you have a chance to check your firmware version?