Missing kernel modules

Hi there,

I am trying to connect a 3g usb dongel (Huawei E3531i-2) to my reach to receive corrections over the Internet.
Now my problem is, that the cdc_ether driver is missing. So no ethernet Interface is created and without this interfcae I can not create a Internet Connection.
I found a solution which may solve this problem. But therfor the yocto kernel have to be rebuild with a special option," CONFIG_USB_NET_CDCETHER" . The procedure is described under:

Maybe you can also add usb-modeswitch and usb-modeswitch-data that no vendor specific stuff is needed to install a umts/lte stick.

If I am wrong with my solution, maybe somebody can give me advice how I do it right.

Thanks for your Responses.

Hi there,

I have searched for more Information and found another usefull link which describes how to make Intel edison connect to the Internet via a 3G Dongel.
The link is:

The only differenc in this guide is, that they use PPP to connnect to the Internet instead of cdc_ether.

Maybe one more info regarding the cdc_ether. The Kernel module needed is named usbnet.

Is the REACH Image recipes published somewher or do i have to wait for an updated Image?

Thanks for your answers.

Could you cross-compile the kernel or a kernel module and then copy over to Reach and install it?

Copy over the module to Reach should not be the Problem.

I think for compiling the Kernel I need to intall Yocto and Bitbake the Kernel. I have nearly no experience doing this, so I would be glad if someone will do it for me.

If nobody can do it for me a link to a tutorial would be good.

Maybe a updated Image for REACH will be good so that everyone can use 3G/4G Dongels.

Now I have done it by my self.
If you want the Kernel Modul and/or a guid on how to connect a huawei 3G Stick to Reach you can Read my separat Post where I describe how you do that.

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