Missing hot shoe adapter

So I purchase a RS2/M2 mapping kit and was under the impressing the hot shoe adapter was included. And it’s not lol. Thought maybe it was just missing, but it does say optional on the store site. How can you make one for the M2? I have made adapters for polling shutter events on the pixhawk cube, but I’m using a dropping resistor with a 5 volt supply. I’ve seen in the forum mention of the 5 volt supply to the hot shoe isn’t required if you have another system triggering the camera (which I do). So is it just the signal and ground wire required at the hot shoe being shorted at the photo event?

I would advise to just buy it and get it over with.
The time and frustration from DYI on production-tools not working simply isn’t worth it, in my opinion.

Hi Shaun,

It’s indeed possible to make a custom solution for saving events. 5V isn’t needed. You can use the Time mark and GND pins on C1port. I’d only recommend testing it thoroughly before flying to make sure no one event is missed.

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