Missing Events inVer 2.5

I see no events in this .obs file, can you upload the original ubx? When you test events in Camera tab, do they work?

apologies, selected the wrong file.raw_201705211334.zip (3.4 MB)

Camera events work as expected on the ground, always check with a test image before flying…

raw_201705162307.UBX.zip (8.1 MB)

Hi, I was expecting 1097 events in this log. Thanks Kyle

Can you explain what you mean by ‘events in camera tab’

You can see last time mark in “camera events” as shown here:

Useful for testing.

We will look into the issue, thanks for the reports and logs!

Thanks very much - any chance you could explain in a bit more detail how to locate the event marks in the .pos or .ubx file? Cheers :slight_smile:

In UBX look for TIM-TM2 messages, the protocol is binary so please refer to UBX protocol description for more details.

In pos you will have a separate _events file after processing where you will have all the coordinates for events.

In RINEX obs you should look for “new site occupation” flag, which is a line with epoch record ending with " 5 0"

Thanks very much - when I load the RINEX .obs file into excel (or notepad) and search for the string " 0 5", I don’t find any hits, though I know there are events recorded in it.

Apologies, I’m sure this is something simple but has me scatching my head. Is the epoch record line something like this?

2017 5 21 13 39 16.0020000 0 16

Never mind - can’t understand why searching that string doesn’t work, but as pointed out in the other event mark thread, when processed with rtkconv the stats displayed show the number of time marks (T xxx). Have now identified a likely intermittent connection problem, hopefully all now working correctly. cheers :slight_smile:

My bad, it should have been " 5 0" (two spaces between 5 and 0).

Please let us know how it goes so that we can decide whether to keep searching for an issue on our side.

Hi Kyle,

I actually checked the raw log without RTKLIB and it only contains 907 time marks. Some of them are discarded later, leaving 874 valid points. Is that what you got with our RTKPOST?

Is it possible you have had something electrically wrong with the setup on your side?

I will check if everything is fine one more time, though.

Hi Egor, yes that is correct, RTKCONV reported 874 points and I captured 1097 photos. This happened twice, after the 1st flight I changed out all the trigger cables etc etc but it was the same on the 2nd flight, I then reflashed out in the field back to Ver 2.3 and it started to work perfectly without making any further changes to my setup. It has not missed a mark since running the old firmware.

Hi Egor,

I have only 461 out of 507 time stamps from a flight yesterday. The issue which I thought might have caused the problem (hotshoe connector not fully tightened) has been corrected, and the event logging has in any case always worked before on this rig. Raw log file sent.

I will flash back to 2.3 and carry out a test flight.


Currently looking through the log, thanks for the update.

This will likely change nothing, as the main difference is the receiver firmware we’ve updated recently to add Galileo support. Unfortunately, you can’t undo that. I continue the investigation.

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Just to confirm, did you guys both update your receivers with Galileo support?

After several tries, I can’t reproduce the issue. Please share some more details about your setups.

Yes, all my reach units were updated to 2.5 which included the update the the receivers. My setup I think is standard, pixhawk triggering the camera and the hotshoe connected to the reach. I have conducted 100’s of flights with this setup with no issues at all. Since the update it started to miss time stamps.

Yes, all my Reach units are up to date with the latest version. I have not carried out hundreds of flights with this machine, but certainly dozens. The only time the event marking did not work correctly prior to the current issues was traced to a loose connection. In that case, no event marks at all were returned.

I have however had issues with the GPS signal on this machine, which leads to dropouts in RTK coverage (solution drops to 0, sometimes for many seconds). I just use the single tags to cover the events which are missing with PPK, and until my last 2 flights this has given acceptable results. I don’t know if this issue and the event marker issue correlate at all in the logs?

In the case of the recent flight I have tried to match up the missing imags and event tags using the exif data from the camera, though have not yet managed to find a pattern perhaps you can? Image filename and timestamp from the exif data attachedflight2_exif.zip (2.3 KB)

Here is the setup, please excuse the mounting of the Reach, a temporary measure due to extending the mast to get better signal.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Well, that might be lead, for your case at least. If, for some reason, we don’t have at least a single solution, the events will be ignored. That might explain the missing time marks.

Losing your solution status is a whole other issue, that might be the drone interference or bad antenna connection. Try flying around with ReachView open and see if the SNR levels are ok.