Missing events in events.pos

I try to post process 78 images with a Sony camera and a hot shoe adapter
everything goes well with RTKPOST in kinematic mode

I would also like to use the RTKPOST SINGLE mode in order to geo-reference images without base station (with IGS corrections)

The problem: When I use the SINGLE mode with the same RINEX than in KINEMATIC mode and “Estimate TEC” as Ionosphere correction, the number of events is systematically lower than 78 (about ten images are missing)
“Estimate TEC” gives me better than 1m accuracy in SINGLE mode (“Broadcast” gives only 4m)

I also had the same problem with 1 image/event missing in another set of images in kinematic mode

here are the files: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78443270/SINGLE.zip