Missing Camera event feedback in Kinematic mode

Hey Emlid folks,

I have a set of Reach RS(Base) and Reach RTK(Rover) modules and have successfully configured them in RTK mode. I am running both units with the latest 2.9.2 firmware plus Maxtena L1/L2 antenna and able to get RTK fix within in 2 minutes. At the same time, I am using a hotshoe connector connecting the camera to feed the shutter events to the rover. However, after using the rtkconv and rtkpost for post processing I see 12 camera shutter events are missing from the images. In the meantime, the timestamp of the camera events is a few hours ahead of my local time even I have confirmed the timezone setting in Reachview is correct to my local time zone.
Could you guys help why this is happening? I have both the raw logs for Base and Rover attached
Thanks very much!Base_raw_201710221604_UBX.zip (1.8 MB)
Rover_raw-201710221604-UBX.zip (1.8 MB)



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Not sure about the missing photo events, but the timezone you should work in is UTC. Be careful in RTKpost, that this IS set to UTC. By default it is set to GPST which is 18 seconds adrift from UTC. You can change this in the options.

Hey Simon, thanks very much for your help. Yes, I managed to change the time to UTC in RTKpost tool and I can see the 18 second change. However, my results show 6 hours of different from my local time… Is there any other setting that I have to change?

So what is your timezone?
When working with GPS it is common to take everything back to UTC.
Easiest to set your camera to UTC/GMT and go from there.

Otherwise you can use exiftool (pc/mac/linux) to tweak your image exif headers, or a text editor to search and replace the hours in the events file. If you include the preceding (non changing) date in your search and replace string you will prevent accidental replacement of your hour at other places in the file.

% GPST latitude(deg) longitude(deg) height(m) Q ns sdn(m) sde(m) sdu(m) sdne(m) sdeu(m) sdun(m) age(s) ratio
2017/10/23 03:33:39.948 -42.880603786 147.397301676 16.2255 2 9 0.3374 0.2741 0.8112 0.0521 0.1790 -0.1622 0.00 0.0

2017/10/23 03:

replace with
2017/10/23 10:

My time zone is CST/UTC-6. I did verify the timezone on my Sony A6000 is set to the correct timezone. The timezone setting in the Reachview is also correct. That’s why I could not think of any other setting might cause this mismatch. You are certainly correct, I could use the text replacement to change the time before doing Geotag.
Btw, just wondering which tool you are using to geotag the photos with the event.pos file?
Thanks very much!

I wrote my own script for the exif insertion.

BTW there is another thread looking at how NMEA out is causing gaps in logging, this MIGHT be related to your missing events.

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