Misconfiguration in rover-single.conf file

If you follow the RTKLIB tutorial at http://www.emlid.com/navio-rtklib, you need to do some changes in the rover-single.conf file, downloaded from https://github.com/emlid/RTKLIB/archive/master.zip

inpstr1-type =spi

should be

inpstr1-type =tcpcli


inpstr1-path =/dev/spidev0.0

should be

inpstr1-path =

The tutorial claims that these changes has already been made in the rover-single.conf file, but it has not.


Hello Ole,
Sorry, I didn’t update the tutorial in time. We added SPI support directly in our RTKLIB’s fork, so there’s no need for ubx-spi-to-tcp utility anymore. It saves CPU resources and simplifies the setup. Tutorial’s now updated too. So now you can specify inpstr1-type=spi and inpstr1-path=/dev/spidev0.0 and it should work.