Min ratio to fix ambiguity and False Fix

Hi all,

I have a static measurement of a point with a RS2. The point height is 20.51

I post-processed with RTKlib QT using “static” and “solution for static mode: All”.

With a “Min ratio to fix ambiguity” value of 3 for I get some Fixed values that have an error of about 20cm:

With a “Min ratio to fix ambiguity” value of 4.5 for I get ALL values between 20.48 and 20.51, very good result:

From this I can say that using Min ratio of 3, I get some false fixes and using a value of 4.5 I do not get any false fixes.
in this case I knew the real value of the height and I can tell when there is a false fix, but for example in a UAV kinematic log, I don’t know the real values so I can’t realize if there is a false fix.

How can I interpret that? Is it better to use 4.5 Ratio for all cases? Can someone explain a bit more about Min Ratio? I read the RTKlib manual but still is not clear to me, besides that you should never use less than 3.



Hi @Doppler_Uav,

Do you use another Reach RS2 as a base? Would you mind sharing the logs with me? You can send it in PM if it contains sensitive info.

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko,

In this case I used a Cors station as a base. I was trying different options for post-processing and different occupation times. Baseline was about 53km.

The rover was static in the same point.

I’ll send you the files in PM.

Just want to post an update here that I’ve received the files. I’ll get back to this thread once there is any news.

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