Micro servo not working with navio2

I have connected micro servo to navio2 servo rail, run Servo.py example and the motor do nothing. the program keep running without any prints/comments to the screen

You also need to feed power to the servo rail…


How it can be done? The navio connected to battery

Follow the instructions: https://docs.emlid.com/navio2/ardupilot/hardware-setup/#servos

ok, and for the ESC and real motors I dont understand why do I need to power the servo rail from the dalrc 4in1 esc, the motors get power from the esc, and the navio get power from the battery

Servos can draw a lot of current and the connection between the power module and the Navio is just enough to power the RPi/Navio combo. So you need a ESC with BEC or a standalone BEC to power the servo rail if you want to use servos.

I was asking about real motors not servos, they are connected to esc and get power from battery why do I need in addition to power the servo rail in navio?

You do not need to power the servo rail if you only connect ESCs to it.

So I can connect the 4 wires of motors from the esc to navio and run them without powering the servo rail?

I may be a bit slow, but weren’t you asking about using a micro servo with the Navio and why it wasn’t working?
And now we are at how to connect a dalrc 4in1 ESC?
You will need to connect at least 5 wires from the ESC to the Navio. 4 x PWM/Motor signal and 1x GND.

yes, I would like to test one motor, so connecting dalrc 4in1 , 1 wire ground and 1 wire signal to navio, is enough to run the motor? how can I continue from here? apm planner? or directly from code?

Hi @roishachar,

Have you managed to test the motor? The easiest way to run it is over GCS.

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