Mettatec with a P4 pro v2?

Hello, I have the mettatec system up and running on my P4 Advanced and it works fine, I tried setting it up on my P4 pro v2 but the front lights don’t flash to trigger the timestamps.

Is there anyone running it on a v2 ? I have seen quite a few posts scattered about the internet saying it is on a v2 and was wondering if I am missing something in the settings, Having turned the front lights on and off makes no difference.

I know this is more of a drone question but the forum has helped me loads on setting the mettatec up on my advanced that I thought to go here.


There’s no difference. The option is turned on in DJI?


I managed to fix it, the mettatech instructuctions tell you just to turn on the front lights in the app but you also have to go into camera settings and set the lights to turn off when it takes a image now it triggers the time stamps


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