Medium to large frames work with navio+

Hi there, I"m trying to find good frames that work with Navio+ . I’d like to build a drone which is slightly bigger and heavier so that it won’t be easily blown away in the wind. Preferably the total weight is between 1.5 and 2Kg with commonly used components. Any suggestions on which frames I should choose?


I have a DJI 550 flamewheel. I don’t even have Navio on it yet and it flies rock solid even in wind. navio will make it better. don’t get the motors and ESC’s though they’re fineckey

That’s a question almost impossible to answer. So many options are available that you have to choose from depending on your individual preference. The APM wiki has some good pages on the topic of building your own, and the advantages/disadvantages of some frame types.

  1. Choosing a MultiCopter Frame
  2. Build your own MultiCopter
  3. Advanced MultiCopter Design

Do you mean 450 ?

Can navio+ control more than 4 motors ?

no I mean 550 the hex frame. and yes it has 13 PWM outputs so technically can control up to 13 the ardu copter software allows up to 8 in octa or X/ + 8 config