Measuring the agriculture fields

I have recently bought emlid RS+. I only want to measure the field as a polygon. How to I do that? I need the monthly/annual plan?

Emlid has some great tutorials on their devices and on procedures for use.

Even though I’m pretty familiar with the M2 and RS2 I have, I still occasionally read their info.

The tutorials can be used for all receivers basically, except for the different capabilities of each model.

Very good tutorials !

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No. You can totally just measure your corners etc with the basic Flow. Export the points and connect the dots using polygon tools in most CAD software etc or free Qgis CAD software… FreeCAD also…but I do not think has Coordinate Systems if you need that.

But if you “HAVE TO” create linework (not just points) in Flow, then yes, subscription.

Check out MicroSurvey FieldGenius Windows (fully established) or Android (work in progress). They have 30 point max fully functional demos you can use for EACH new file if you don’t need more than 30 points per file. Best field survey software out there I feel… next to the $$$$$ Trimble, Leica stuff of course.

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Hi @mihaicaraghiorghe51,

We don’t support closed polygons at the moment, but we have it on our roadmap. We are collecting such cases for consideration and I’ll add yours as +1.

As Tim mentioned: you can work with lines and points in Emlid Flow/Emlid Flow 360. You can collect corner points and export a file to work further with CAD software or create a polygon using lines. The option to collect lines is available in our Survey plan.