Measuring points automatically while driving

Hi all,
I’m trying to get an accurate level for drying beds. Using my Phantom 4 with GCPs isn’t cutting it, I can still be out by 100mm and over 6has that 6000m3 of material.
Can I mount my RS2 to my vehicle, drive the beds slowly and have it record heights automatically?
Someone on the facebook page said it was possible but I had to go into my logs to do it. Is there a simpler solution or a workflow document?

The logs is the way to it. In my mind that makes it even more powerful, as you can choose multiple types of output formatting, like NMEA, LLH etc.

Is there a walk through or work flow document?

Hi Joe,

Yes, there is. You can find information regarding position streaming in our docs. I attached the screenshot as a prompt.

If you use FieldGenius, there’s an auto record function that will do that.

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