Measure modes…

I would like two preset modes for measuring rtk points with rover, Fast and Detailed, that can be switched between wile surveying.

Fast being a short measurement(seconds) and Detailed(minutes).

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Hi Andreas,

Are these presets for different applications? For example, the short one for RTK and the detailed one for Stop&Go?

On m’y Trimble at work it’s named “fast” and “detailed” and it’s rtk. It’s jus a difference in time.

Going to the settings to change it every time is time consuming. Being able to switch between 3sec and 10sec with a simple button would be great.

Got you. But how do you choose between the “fast” and “detailed” modes? Depending on conditions?

I’m trying to understand the context to pass your request to the team.

It’s choosen with a drop down menu.

You can use Fast for things that aren’t so important like gravel or other uneven surfaces and Detailed for lids or curbstones.


Thank you for the clarification! We’ll note it.

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