Measure distance between two points and azimuth

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My goal is to create application on android which will measure distance between two points with the high accuracy - the best will be centimeter level below 20.(However below 50 could be also applicable I could do some short post processing to increase accuracy).
Beside distance I need to also calculate azimuth between those objects.

My question is if I need 3 or 4 REACH RTK GNSS module?
Can stationary receiver provide correction to both module or I need 2x2?

I am new two this area so I have more questions.
How much time in average (good conditions) REACH RTK need to get accurate measurement?
How far this stationary receiver need to be from second one?
Does stationary receiver need to be stable or can be close to receiver and be in the move? Oe cannot move at all?

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I have done quite a bit of testing in this. I don’t about two units moving on a platform. I’ve not gotten into that.

I don’t think ReachView has an output that directly calculates Distance and direction. You can get this in post-processing RTKPLOT , but you have to look for it.

If you use LLH solution, you can use many of the online apps like NCAN CSRS to compute solution from RTK of Emlid Reach.

I prefer to get my solution in using RTK in Static mode for good point to point reading. Emlid is adding features all the time, so watch new releases.

I usually save ENU solution. It gives precise distance and direction is easily calculated (at least for short distances).

I think for short distances, using the Reach as Base station will get you best results as not all ref stations provide more than GPS.

Reach can use GPS GLONAS, GAL and SBAS. and it can be be very close to Rover.

Using this setup with good skyview, I typically get resolutions of less than 1 mm at short distances. I typically test at about 1.5 meter from base to Rover.

See some of my posts.

Of course, always remember that resolution does not mean accuracy as I seriously don/t believe I can setup the rf center of the antennas that closely.

As you get into RTK, you get less precision, but I expect still pretty good, depending on your actual setup.

Good Luck…

Hello Rick,
Thanks a lot for answering.
The plan is that I will write my own mobile appllication on Android based on raw data from Reach.
So for me calculating distance between two points is not a problem.
I just need to get those raw data from GPS and later make some postprocessing.

However my question is do I need such configuration 1 stationay and 2 module for GPS location?
Or I need 2 stationary and 2 module for GPS location?
Can 1 stationary share those correction data between two other modules?
I would be greatfull for that answer - I need to know if I should order 3 or 4 modules.

Best Regards

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