Measure difference

(Luis Galina) #1

Again when measuring twice the same point I have a difference in the environment of 25 cm, with time I will investigate

(Michael Lambert) #2

Did you check more points? They are all off? Same or different way?

(Timd1971) #3

NTRIP (how far away?) or BASE/ROVER & LoRa?

(Luis Galina) #4

I checked two more points with the same error and after a few minutes I re-measured them and there was no difference, it’s the second time I see this. which may be? use ntrip youcors

(Luis Galina) #5

with LORA happened to me the first time

(Christian Grüner) #6

What is your base line? What does your environment look like?

(Luis Galina) #7

1100 meters

(Luis Galina) #8

Coordinates of the point measured on the first day of point M5

(Luis Galina) #9

Coordinates of the point measured on the second day of point M5

(Luis Galina) #10

Coordinates processed with RTKLIB on the second day are equal to the first day in rechview but on the second day it is not the same on rechview

(Luis Galina) #11

I’m thinking that it was a period of latency (differential age) because the solution is still fixed

(Michael Lambert) #12

RS+ right? Did you manually input the base? If on NTRIP, how long did you let it collect?

(Luis Galina) #13

It is not a problem the coordinates of the base, the entry manually in the RS +

(Luis Galina) #14

Collect 10 seconds

(Luis Galina) #15

the problem was not collecting if not reviewing points already measured

(Andrew Yushkevich) #17

Have you encountered this issue since the last test?
If yes, can I ask you to describe your steps starting from placing the base on?

(Luis Galina) #18

hello Andrew, the configuration of the base is not a problem, visit already measured points and there was very little difference I measured them again and in the same points there is a difference of 26 cm. After a few minutes the stakeout did not have the difference of 26 cm. It’s very weird

(Michael Lambert) #19

RS+ right? Same here all the time. My localizations with FieldGenius aren’t even consistent because I can’t get every point to tie correctly. I end up cutting my network down to 4-5 points just to get a consistent 3-4cm which is pushing our contracted tolerances. Unfortunately I think it is just the conditions I am in so I will have to bear with it until I can get the RS2’s…

(Luis Galina) #20

it is only in some conditions, I did not obtain more than 2 cm of difference between points already measured as I did a resection with total station and the differences were of mm. I also wait for the RS2 !!!

(Timd1971) #21

Only in some conditions? Curious, are you using FIX AND HOLD or CONTINUOUS?

Do you think you’re getting a FALSE FIX using FIX AND HOLD?