Maxtena compatability - M2

I am curious to find out if the Maxtena Helical antenna has been used with the M2.

Has anyone been using the Maxtena M7HCT-A-SMA and if so, what has been the experience?

This one is being considered, sourced in the US;

Thank you.

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Per ChatGPT;

ChatGPT response 1 ###is Maxtena M7HCT-A-SMA compatible with emlid reach m2 gnss receiver###
The Maxtena M7HCT-A-SMA antenna is a high-quality, high-gain patch antenna that is designed to work with a variety of GPS and GNSS systems, including the Emlid Reach M2 GNSS receiver. The M7HCT-A-SMA antenna has a frequency range of 1575.42 MHz, which is the frequency used by GPS and other GNSS systems, so it should be compatible with the Emlid Reach M2 GNSS receiver.

However, it’s always a good idea to double-check the specifications of both the antenna and the receiver to ensure that they are compatible and will work together as intended. In general, patch antennas like the Maxtena M7HCT-A-SMA are a good choice for use with GNSS receivers because they offer high gain and excellent signal quality, making them well-suited for a variety of applications.

Is this correct or accurate?

Thank you.

Hi @nfguide,

I have checked the electrical specs of this antenna. It should be working fine with Reach M2. Please note that you need an SMA-to-MCX cable to connect it to Reach M2.


Do you see an advantage to using this antenna over the stock M2?
Just curious


From a technical perspective, maybe no advantage. Have used them in the past, and Maxtena is US based as well as the distributors.

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