Maximum PPK range - corridor mapping


I am using a Reach RS as base and a reach on a fixed wing.
Both receiver logging at 5 Hz.
Post processing of camera event is done in RTKLIB.
I already have great accuracy on small size survey (maximum base line is 1 Km)

Now I need to survey bigest areas and I am wonder what is the maximum PPK range, I mean the maximum distance beetween base and rover, in order to get accurate processing.

Also as bonus what is the adviced configuraratuion
GPS only ?
GPS + Glonass ?

Thanks in advance

It is suggested you keep the baseline under 10km.

To answer your question on frequency. In the current version of ReachView (2.10), these are the satellite constellations that you can enable simultaneously for each sample frequency:

  • 14Hz or 10Hz sampling
    • GPS
    • Galileo
    • SBAS
    • QZSS
  • 5Hz or 1Hz sampling
    • GPS
    • Glonass OR Beidou (either, not both)
    • Galileo
    • SBAS
    • QZSS

I am not a flyer, but if I was flying, I would be sampling at maximum frequency and maximum satellite constellations to get as much data as possible in my raw log. If needed, you can always eliminate certain satellites or constellations during processing.

So, I would be trying 14Hz and if I was having trouble with not enough good satellites visible, then I would slow to 5Hz and add either Glonass or Beidou.

Maybe Simon or someone who flies can can comment on that.


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