Maximum frequency of camera event

Has anyone tested the maximum frequency for time mark input? I am interested in geo-tagging at a frame rate higher than the 1 Hz (which is the fastest setting for Reach’s camera trigger in ReachView).

From the test I saw it seems like the max frequency will depend also on receiver’s GNSS configuration (how many GNSSs used and at what update rate) so that the M8T’s MCU can still handle the signal at EXTINT0/EXTINT1 inputs and one does not miss any camera events.

I assume the test Egor did was for 1 Hz time mark input but of course do not know it for sure.

You are exactly right, the receiver will produce only one time mark per epoch, meaning the maximum frequency is tied to the update rate you can configure in ReachView.

Unfortunately, increasing the update rate puts the receiver under significant load and may cause it to miss some of the events. Every setup is kind of unique, so you’ll have to find an update rate and event frequency that work for you.


I do not even know what GPS epoch is (did not find any definition) - you seem to use it for receiver update rate. Can you source your statement for time mark freqency? I did not find anything about max. timemark frequency in M8T docs (datasheet + M8 protocol specs).

I asked on the ublox forum in the meantime and got an answer there.

I understand it might have been confusing, excuse me for this. The epoch I referred to is a navigation epoch, not GPS time epoch. In receiver terms, a new navigation epoch comes every time a new solution is computed, which is every time a measurement is made. M8 protocol specs must have this somewhere.

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