Maximum distance rover-base with no internet

Using just what is included in the Emlid Reach RTK kit and connecting through an Android hot spot without
internet connection (field conditions), how far can the base and the rover be? I understand this just depends
on the range of the Android tablet and reach wifi radios, but have no idea on where to find that information.
Has anyone tested?

That will be a few tens of meters depending on the setup.

The REACH module WiFi is not very strong and I am getting about 25 feet range (distance between WiFi hot spot and REACH module). So, to answer your question, the base and the rover can be 50 feet apart (with the WiFi hot spot in the middle). There are many ways to increase the range (see ), for example, you could connect the REACH base module to a cellphone with internet connection, and connect the REACH rover module to another cellphone with internet connection.

Or simply use a set of 915 MHz telemetry radios per the docs. This has been the standard for base rover RTK communication for years.