Maximum amps supported by the PPM/SB port and the servo rail

What is the safe maximum amps that can be drawn from servos and other devices on the servo rail?

Also, does the receiver port labeled PPM/SB get power form the same source as the rest of the servo rail? I’m thinking not because servos won’t operate until a separate power source is connected.

What is the maximum amp draw possible from the PPM/SB port?

I have a receiver that can transmit telemetry with a 1W RF section. This receiver draws as much as 500ma and I want to assess whether the PPM/SB port is designed to supply that much of current.



I still want an answer to this question. Thanks.


Hello Paul!

Sorry it’s taken us so long to reply.

The maximum current that can be drawn from Navio and Raspberry combined is 2A. The PPM/SB port included.

It’s safe to draw up to 10 amps. But you’ll need a BEC with a very specific specification of 5V/10A. The better solution is just to use a separate power line for this kind of usage.

And now answering your initial question about a receiver which draws as much as 500mA. You’ll be just fine in case the overall consumption doesn’t exceed 2A.

Wow, that’s a powerful receiver port and it should handle my 500ma receiver well.

I use a regulator to power the servo rail, and a power module for redundancy.

Thanks George,


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