MAXImum age of correction for the solution to be fix

what is the maximum age of correction for the solution to be fix. Im using the latest version. if you can watch the video the receiving correction is 3seconds and all is waiting for correction but the age of corrections is between 0.2-1 sec. and the solution is FIX

If i cover my gps antenna with my hand the solution will become No solution and then i remove my hand the solution will become fix. the solution skip the single and float.

That looks like a bug!

im using an m2 with 3dr radio. is it the same with your lora or rs2 with the latest version?
it keeps changing from receiving corrections to waiting corrections but more waiting corrections

in my previous version 2.22.7 theres no problem.
if i cover it with my hands and remove it the normal should be No Solution to Single to Float to Fix.

If its the first startup of the day it will always go single, float, fix.

If it already has been running, and is doing a warm restart from a short power fail or recovery from loss of corrections it jumps to fix almost instantly. This has been my experience with both emlid and the F9P.


Hi @willstar_beleno,

We’ve caught similar behavior recently, but with NTRIP. It seems to be just an interface bug since there were no interruptions in the RTCM3 log.

Of course, we’ll investigate and fix it. However, you can record the Base corrections log yourself to ensure everything works fine.

@PotatoFarmer explained cold and warm starts difference pretty well, I have nothing to add :slightly_smiling_face:


with the latest version 27.1 nothing change

Hi @willstar_beleno,

Please update ReachView 3 to v6.8 as well. This issue mostly depends on the software, and the latest update should fix it.

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thumbs up for the new update!

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