Max PPM channels for Navio2

could you tell me how many RC-Input Channels Navio2 support?
im using a Jeti-Receiver with 16 Channles. Since the Navio2 has 14 RC-Outputs
i assume that it can at least support also 14 RC-Input Channels ?! is that so ?!!
above Channel 8 a simple passthought would be enought for me.
Channles 1-8 im already using for different funktions of the copter.
I need an other two channles for my gimbal

Hallo there!

At the moment there’s 16 PPM channels decoded. Please, take a look at this footnote.

Either way, if you only need 2 channels for gimbal there’s plenty of information in the community how you can hook it up to your Navio 2.

thnx, i only need standard “servo” channels as input for the gimbal-electronics to tilt and roll the camera

You’re good to go, then!