MAVROS where to publish to make quad move


I would just like to confirm that MAVROS is bidirectional.

To be more specific, what topics would you recommend to “publish” to if I would like to make the quad move?

Thank you for any help

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Hello Chris!

Take a loot at this post. It looks like an answer :slight_smile:

Hello George!

Thank you for your quick answer.

The above post looks very useful but I still have a couple questions:

The above is a link to build a “waypoint” topic to which I can publish to, but it seems that the Arducopter build already has some “waypoint”-esque topics I can publish to. I just don’t understand what the input to them is - lattitude, longitude, altitude? relative distance?

Here is a screenshot of the MAVROS topics available… I guess I am asking, do I really need to build my own waypoint topic or can I just use one of these existing topics (namely the ones named “/mavros/setpoint…”) to control the drone?

Thank you so much for the help!

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