Mavros install problems

Greetings enthusiasts

After trying a number of installation avenues, I have failed entirely to get mavros to build on my RPi2 with the navio+ img. I can get ros_base for debian wheezy in and working no problem, but nothing I do, either using rosinstall_generator, building from source, or building the debian package and installing gets mavros to be recognized by any package in ros or built fully. I’ve tried many approaches and tutorials. Anyone here have issues with getting mavros and ros living happy together on the emlid image?

error message states an internal compiler error uas_data.cpp.o … and thats all the info i get



mmm i seem to be using gcc-4.6 … might be a problem?

Most likely, I originally had gcc4.6 on RPI2 and that did not work. Had to install >= gcc 4.7.

Indeed, thanks. That was it.