Mavros fail on New Emlid Debian Stretch image

Hi When I run the following command

rosrun mavros mavros_node \


I get

[FATAL] [1508043964.044874575]: UAS: GeographicLib exception: File not readable /usr/share/GeographicLib/geoids/egm96-5.pgm | Run script in order to install Geoid Model dataset!

Anyone seen this ?

I noticed that the

/usr/share/GeographicLib directory is empty . which explains the error message.

Can someone from Emlid (@kirill.kobylyanskiy , @george.staroselskiy ) please look into this ?

I’m currently using the new stretch image – downloaded straight from emlid site and flased onto microsd via etcher.

didn’t have these issues with the old image.

Please, run an installation script:

sudo /opt/ros/kinetic/lib/mavros/ and you’ll be fine! We’ll update the docs.


correct line should be

sudo /opt/ros/kinetic/lib/mavros/

note the last s


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Thanks Luis! I corrected the initial post just in case.

Hi @george.staroselskiy,

Thank you … It is working now


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