Mavic 3 Enterprise Local NTRIP not working

i am trying to connect a Mavic 3T with RTK module to the local NTRIP provided by a RS+. The M3T is stuck on convering and only seems to get valid data every 10s or so. I read in another thread here that this could a single vs. multiband issue? Can someone confirm this please?

If so, then my options are either to get a RS2+ or do PPK, right?


You’re right on both accounts and PPK isn’t an option unless you can find a software that will allow you to separate and extract the L1 signals from the M3E.


Depending on your location, you may be able to download a CORS log that includes the time of your flight and use that for PPK processing.

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This and if you are looking for Survey-grade accuracy try to keep your baseline less than 25km.


I think your problem is trying to use a single frequency receiver with a dual frequency receiver on the M3T. You are only getting L1 data when the M3T is most likely a L1/L2 receiver. The receiver on the M3T is only getting L1 data and that’s why you’re waiting on a “fix” solution. You need a dual frequency receiver as base.

There’s nothing wrong with single frequency receivers, it’s just that convergence times are longer, very sensitive to multipath and won’t work well with dual frequency receivers if trying to use RTN/RTK.


Hi Alex,

If you use a multi-band RTK module on your drone then you can’t use the Reach RS+ as a base since Reach RS+ is a single-band receiver that sends only L1 corrections.

We have this support tip that talks about using a multi-band receiver as a base and single band receiver as a rover and the other way around:

You can change the base with a multi-band receiver. Another workaround, as mentioned before, is to use the NTRIP service or download a CORS log.

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