Maverick vs Emlid Raspbian

Hi All,

I’m trying to understand the difference between Maverick for companion computers like RPI and the recommended Emlid Raspbian image. Could someone please outline the difference between the two and how/when to use them? Am interested to know how Maverick or the Rasbian image receive input from the Navio2 sensors.


P.S. Is there any documentation on Emlid Raspbian? Would be good to understand how it works!

Maverick is a companion computer software collection, it has no means to talk to a Navio directly. The Emlid raspbian image is made to support the Navio2 imu shield, so Ardupilot running on the RPi can access the Navios sensors. You can connect a RPi running Maverick to a RPi running Ardupilot per serial or network connection.

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