Matlab Controlled Navio2 Drone - How to bring both together?

Hallo everyone,

Here is what i want to achieve:

I want to Controll my Drone from Matlab drictly idealy over 3DR telemetry. The idea is i send a command like “forward” and the drone flies a bit forward and so on.
I honestly have no clue were to start there if you could provide me with a few ideas in which directions i have to read up a bit that would be much appreciated.

The only solution i found at the moment is to use the joystick mode of Mission Planner and then emulate a virtuall joystick and map the joystick functions to keystrokes - and finaly the keystrokes can be send from matlab scripts. As you see this is a bit clumbsy i would really prefer it if i could cut out Mission Planner and the Emulator and go directily form matlab to the drone.

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