Mapping Kit Advantages

Since the Reach RTK unit cannot receive a distant signal from the Reach RS unit, what is the purpose/advantage of the “Mapping Kit” over just getting the “RTK Kit”?

PPK is the advantage. I dont think there are others more fit for the job.
RTK is not something many use for aerial mapping
With RS you have the ground application on a tripod etc, If you had Reach, you would have to make a stand or similar to fit the ground application.

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So it is just the nice form factor and nothing functional.

With the RS you are getting a Reach RTK, power supply, and a nice enclosure for an extra $500. You also get the LoRa radio but that is only of benefit if you have 2 RS units.

Nothing wrong with that, I’m new to this and just trying to distill the basics.

Yes, for lower dollar, the Reach RTK kit is the way to go. But if you want more professional looking ready-to-go gear, then get the Reach mapping kit. Also, if you think you might want to have a second Reach RS sometime in the future for ground survey, then a mapping kit would get you half way there.


Okay, I appreciate the feedback. Again I apologize for questions that are probably obvious to others.

I should add that there was some talk of LoRa radios becoming available for the Reach. I think ‘next year’ was all that was said so far.

No prob. That’s why we’re here :slight_smile:

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