Mapbox updates on Emlid Flow APP

I read that Mapbox uses Open street map database.
I tested and it does work. I created some features using Open Street Maps, and within minutes they were visible on Mapbox online.

However, they are still not visible on Emlid Flow (I do not have the “pro” version).

So my question is: How long does it takes to see these updates when using Emlid Flow App?




Hi Rafael,

There are two possible points.

First, Open Street Maps may require a verification of the data you’ve changed. For example, other contributors should confirm them to be visible in OSM.

Second, the update rate of OSM within Emlid Flow. I’ll check this matter with the team and will write you back.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Hi @kirill.pavlyuchuk , any news regarding this topic?

Hi Rafael,

It’s still under investigation. Once there is any news, I’ll let you know!


Hi Rafael,

I’m back with some updates.

Mapbox layer uses OSM only for certain tilesets. Moreover, the basic map we use doesn’t rely on up-to-date OSM data. Hence, you don’t see these changes in the app.


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