Mapbox Satellite Accuracy

How accurate is the satellite overlay on Emlid Flow/ Emlid Flow 360? I received my RS2+ and went through all the first time setups. I’m using the RS2+ as a rover with corrections via NTRIP.

I had setup a few projects with monuments and noticed the points were off when I attempted stake out. So I figured maybe I drew my area wrong and decided to start with some known points instead.

I entered these known points manually and some of them can be seen from satellite where they lie. Even these appear to be off as much as 6ft. Is this expected with Mapbox Satellite or do I have a datum issue?

Hi Derek.

If Mapbox, or Google, or Bing, or… were centimeter accurate, we wouldn’t need anything else, right? They are just for visual reference and will tell you if you are on the correct place on earth. If all your other checks and controls are positive, I wouldn’t worry about slight variations between your points and satellite imagery.


I went and checked a bunch of control points after this post and realized my linework was the issue. I know they have other satellite imagery out there that’s a lot closer and i didn’t know where Mapbox stood but i do now.

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Hi Derek,

It’s better not to rely on Mapbox for accurate positioning. Its purpose is to visualize points on the map, not to accurately locate them on the map.

It’s worth noting that Mapbox uses the WGS84 datum, while your points are most likely in NAD83 (2011) if you work in the US via NTRIP.


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