Many third party WiFi connections disturbes?

Hi emlid support,

we use emlid Reach RS3 (QR Code: 8243AEDDF745E2952339) with Firmware 31.8 and emlid Flow App Version 10.3 on an iPad iOS (10th generation) 16.6. Correction Service from German Survey Officals SAPOS HEPS via NTRIP.

I’ve had the same experience. When RS3 receives a lot of available WiFis in the surrounding (and this is not an unusual case when surveying in settled or commercial areas…!) it has problems to connect with the Hotspot of the iPad.

I added the iPad Hotspot to the available networks in Emlid Flow. And when I want to switch from RS3 Hotspot to iPad Hotspot in the WiFi settings it fails.

It seems the tons of other WiFis disturbes my connection.
Is it possible to say the app disregard certain WiFi networks?! To say forget these disturbing networks!?

I will also contact our Reseller here in Germany what solutions are possible in that case.

Have a nice and safe time in the field!

Hi @stephan.esser,

Welcome to our community!

First, please double-check the Wi-Fi credentials and ensure it operates on 2.4 GHz. Also, stay as close to Reach with your iPad as possible.

If the issue persists, please share a screen recording of the connection attempt.

Is there only one particular network that’s not working? Let’s also check if you can connect your Reach RS3 to any other network.