MANUAL mode working, I cannot get AUTO mode to work

We’re setting up a car with servo steering on the front wheels and a single motor. We have a Navio2 flight controller with ArduRover 4.0.0. We are feeding PPM to the Navio2 from a Spektrum receiver.

The controls work as desired when the vehicle is in the MANUAL mode.

When switched to the AUTO mode, the steering servo does not correct for heading changes. We have the steering servo (channel 4) function set to 26.

We have no alarms, a 3d GPS lock, and radio, compass and accelerometers are all calibrated. Board safety is disabled.

What am I missing? Thanks for any advice.


Hi @flyingw,

Have you tried following the configurational steps from Tuning Steering and navigation for a Rover (ver 3.1 and older) guide? It explains what parameters you need to set to get your rover accurately navigate in AUTO mode.

Hi Liudmila,

I believe that my problems come from an inability to properly map from Spektrum’s convention to the default ArduRover convention.

I can change the Spektrum’s TAER channel values in the RCMAP part of the configuration to make them AETR, but I still cannot get the right controls on the right channels.

I believe the solution lies in a combination of RCMAP changes to put the Spektrum channels into the default AETR convention, and then assigning the servo functions for throttle and ground steering. I’ve tried many different combinations, but cannot get it to work.

When I set the machine up to receive channels with the default AETR mapping, MANUAL and AUTO modes and navigation work as desired.

It is the re-mapping to use a Spektrum transmitter with its TAER convention that is causing me problems.

Thank you,


Hi Paul,

I see now; thanks for clarifying this! I couldn’t find any helpful solutions or hits on ArduPilot resources. But what about using the newer version of ArduRover firmware? Just in case it’s related.

Hi Luidmila,

We were able to re-map the controls in the Spektrum transmitter to the AETR convention and got the controls working.

Thank you,


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Really glad to hear that you’ve figured this out! :tada:

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