Manual input of LLH of correction stream and specifying geoid

I have just updated my Reach View on my Reach RTK (not RS) to 2.9.1, after not having used it for a very very long time (I think the firmware was previously v1.2). In the past, we used to be able to specify the coordinates of our correction source either XYZ or LLH, but with the new versions I don’t seem to be able to. Am I missing a step or is it possible to have that feature back if it was removed?

My base station is from IGS and does not transmit the RTCM message containing its antenna position, so I have to do a manual precise point position solution first to get the accurate Lat Long Height.

Also, I don’t remember seeing a choice of using custom geoids that I manually flash into Reach, is that option available too?

Anyway, I tried searching in the forums but couldn’t find related topics, so sorry if this was discussed before.

You are right, that feature is now missing. I too am hoping it will come back as I utilise AusCORS reference stations which are referenced to ITRF2014 but their GDA coords are 2.5m NE of that. If I input the GDA coords, then my Rover is in GDA directly, but this unfortunately is now not possible.

Emlid, your thoughts?


Thanks for getting back to Reach :slight_smile:

During our app rework, we decided to strip some of the features to focus on providing better experience with the others. Actually, you are the first person interested in these features in over a year.

We currently don’t have plans to add geoid support for RTK(we do for the survey mode, though). Internally, you can hack it just like you did before, just not through the app.

As for the manual base position, I think we will get this back, but I can’t promise a certain date.

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