Managing Servos

Hello all,

I am a beginner trying to run Navio2 on a big plane model. The plane requires 12 servos to control it (2 Ailerons, 2 Rudders, 2 Elevators, 2 flaps, throttle, choke, wheel steering, parachute). I downloaded the ArduPlane and successfully deployed it on the Navio2.

I am using Mission Planner, I would like to access the pwm pins of the navio and assign them to a task: pitch, yaw, roll, throttle, or custom ones like the flaps or wheel steering. How can I successfully do that while running the software correctly?

I am using a Taranis plus FrSky with an 8 channel receiver. I would like to be able to control everything from the Taranis while having the receiver connected to the Navio2.

Thank you for your patience and assistance Navio People!

By default Arduplane uses AETR (if I remember correctly) channel order.
You can change this and any RC-out setting in the full parameter list.
Search for RC_map and change it to the channel order you use.
According to the channel order, Navio outputs 1-4 are used for the four main functions. For the additional functions you have to assign them via the rc_out_function entries in the full parameter list. There is a short explanation for each value in missionplanner. To save an output for other uses, you can always use a y-cable for ailerons.