Malfunctioning / Defective Receiver?

these 2 Reach RS receivers are in the same place, 5m apart. I think my receiver named base is not working. They both have the same settings, same location, both set as base.

good receiver:

Bad Receiver:


Hi Todd,

Upon the review it seems both receivers are working fine.

Did you test Reach RS receivers in RTK mode?

one obviously doesnt work as good as the other, less then half as good which is unnacceptable. i emailed someone at emlid all the setting they has, and yes i have tried, RTK, static, single, fix and hold, continuous, and all iterations and the one receiver is WEAK and doesnt get sats as good as the other.

Hey Todd,

Yeah I see now you’re in touch with our support. We’ll get back to you with the solution via email soon!

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